"May Party started originally as my mom's birthday in the mid-70s with my parent's friends. For the first 30 years it was the first weekend in May. It included many LA musicians as my dad's good friend was a musician and roadie. It always included a lot of wine even before the winery was started in 1985. There are many old timers that still come every year and other people that have come in and out.

There used to be a softball game on Sunday that everyone participated in. It was pretty crazy and competitive and included kids and dogs.  As people grew older and injuries mounted, horseshoes became the main primary sport.  The May pole was a staple for 20 years but kind of faded away.  There have been all kinds of food and music. Every year we've had a Mexican potluck for Friday dinner. There have been fireworks, helicopter rides for the kids provided a guy who was a major paparazzi, potato cannons, people parachuting out of planes, and much more.

The music under the tree has always been the focal point, but the party has a rich history of amazing rituals and happenings."